Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Arbalest


Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Arbalest

Darkest Dungeon Presents is a comic series that tells the half-remembered horrors of each of the playable character classes in the game. Issue #5 features The Arbalest.

#5 The Arbalest

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These wouldn’t be possible without an amazing collaboration with Trudi Castle. Each of these comics are written by our very own Chris Bourassa and Trudi is bringing them to life. Trudi has an amazing portfolio and we couldn’t be more excited for this collaboration.

Release is next Tuesday, Jan 19th! We won’t be doing any comics next week, but we will continue you them in the following weeks.

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    Ah. Thanks.


    Talking about the wider world of this game is very fun for me. Allow me to splurge some thoughts.
    I like to think that it takes place in Louisiana. The new world. Maybe the whole game does.
    Travel across the Atlantic was very possible in the 1600’s which I where I can just about pass dating the world given flintlock pistols and such.
    So if we really want to know how much into the whole heretical concept then the question should be asked if the Arbalest is religious or not.
    Given the wide mix of ethnic types in the game so far and with very few of the classes “race-locked” such as the Arbalest, Abomination and Occultist then we can assume that a wide variety of people live in the area.
    We should also not fall into the common practice of thinking that the world was sectioned off into neat little packets of race or belief. In Europe in the 1600’s the African and Indian population was very prominent throughout France, Germany and Italy. Then it spread to England, which maintains a strong Indian and Middle-Eastern population to this day. Given that the religion of the Light owes much to Jewish-Christian-Islamic faith structures then we can see and take what we know of these places and religious practices and incorporate them, adding bits as we go.
    Personally I like to think that the Father was wanted for legit reasons, we get to see this man this possible murderer on the run and sending his child away to flee knowing she will share his fate or perhaps a worse one. If she did manage to survive him being lynched then what kind of life would she have? The child of a felon four hundred years ago, a girl at that.
    Not much happiness there, at least this way, with her running off on her own she comes back stronger, ready and able to survive.

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    Nice art work. But realistically speaking, this makes no sense and I can’t identify with it.

    Characters are CLASSES… not individuals. Therefore, am I to assume that the hundreds of Arbalests that come off the stagecoach had this same exact backstory? Maybe give this one particular Arbalest a name to distinguish her as an individual?


    By the way, when can we expect the next Comic ?
    I would really like to discover other backstories, and I can’t wait anymore. =)

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    This is impressive… I love the symbolism of the toy being taken from his/her hands and a bow forced in. Many childhoods ruined by bloodshed, and someone finding themselves with the mantle of adulthood long before they should. Only some trauma of this level could send a human to the hellish Hamlet… Perhaps there is a drive, maybe it was the Brigands often seen in the dungeons that burned their home?

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