Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition now available on iPad for $4.99


Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition now available on iPad for $4.99

The title says it all!

Today we are happy to confirm that you can now purchase Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition on the Apple App Store. The game works on all 64-bit iPad devices running iOS 9+.

Click here to purchase it from the App Store.

Darkest Dungeon: Tablet Edition contains over 80 hours of core gameplay with unlimited replayability. This edition contains all features found in other editions. In fact, we’ve included the ability to sync your saves with PC/Mac/Linux versions of the game through the use of Dropbox. 

We were assisted in bringing the game to iPad by Blitworks (www.blitworks.com), who have helped bring many terrific games as well, including Don’t Starve and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

We know that many of you may already own Darkest Dungeon on other platforms and are interested in picking it up on iPad, too. For this reason and others, we’ve priced it at $4.99 to make it fairly painless–unlike the rest of the game.

The Crimson Court DLC will be making its way to iPad later this year.

May your torches burn bright, your ale cups run over, and you be a better tenant of the Estate than your Ancestor was.


Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon is Red Hook Studio’s award-winning dark gothic strategy role-playing game about the psychological stress of adventuring.

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    So psyched about this! I’ve had this on Steam since early access and always knew it’d be perfect on a tablet. Thank you so much for making this happen!



    That was an instant buy for me!!:) This game is perfect for tablets.
    Some suggestions(as I am not sure where to address it):
    Can you add an option to choose the text-language?
    No real fullscreen on iPad mini3(black bars at the top and bottom) :/
    Text is a little small, maybe a slider for the fontsize would help
    Options in the gameplay section are not scrollable to the end
    When you click on something, the text for it should be above the thing instead of directly under your fingertip
    Actions are sometimes done accidentally when you want to get the tooltip/text for something(e.g. Torch or the stats of enemies)..but I’m not sure what you can do about that.
    Keep up the good work!:)
    Love this game



    why it’s incompatible with my ipad4 (md524tu/a)? it’s 1st app ever that i see incompatible with my device… (ios 10.3.3 installed)



    Any plans to fix the resolution so it plays in fullscreen? Not sure why it’s widescreen..



    I’ll be honest, this port is pretty terrible.

    There are massive black bars in the screen. Buttons are super tiny and hard to touch. Worst of all, tooltips appear directly under your fingers, so you can’t read them.

    It’s a pretty miserable experience. It feels like the absolute minimum amount of work was done to support tablets, which is sad because this game feels like it could be such a natural tablet game.

    Please fix!



    I want to add as well… It seems touch regions get bugged and you have to press random places on the screen to fix it. Until then you can’t click on anything.



    Constantly crashes : while hiring new char.after giving up the mission and finishing it (cant back to city, couse after restart the app, game’s loading at the last point before crashing.so it’s loop:start-trying finish mission-crashing while back to the city-restart-trying finish…) Fix this pls. Thx



    My favorite game ever but it is difficult to enjoy on the iPad.

    Agreed with other posters that this needs some fixes. The black border may not be fixable without a major modification of art assets, but a major improvement would be to improve gestures. Suggestions:
    – interface: allow scrolling with finger on character list. Use long hold to select. make scroll buttons bigger if you can’t fix the bullet above
    – dungeon: allow swipe up gesture for opening curios or entering doors, just as you can hit the up key on a pc
    – add backer/hero/trinket input method



    First of all – congratulations on the mobile release. I hope it’s a great success.
    I agree with the above posts regarding flaws. Seems like there are some very obvious weak points:

    – Dropbox save backup doesn’t work at all.
    – Touch targets are too small to press reliably. Very difficult to scroll. It feels bad to take stress because you couldn’t tap a door. It very feels bad to tap at traps, get a forward walk instead, and take damage.
    – Touch targets react unpredictably. Sometimes you can tap to see a popup description. Other times you tap and instantly purchase something. It feels bad to buy something by mistake.
    – Wasted screen space is especially galling considering how cramped and tiny the interface elements can be. The tiny map rectangle during exploration is particularly hard to work with.
    – Hover text is hard to read when you have to have your finger over it.
    – Initial loading time might be one of the longest of any iOS game I’ve played.

    Some of these seem like they might require rethinking the flow and design. I hope you do that. Others are more straight-forward. I hope those are also looked into. It’s a great game, and normally I’d say it’s a great fit for a mobile device – but as things stand, it seems to be clearly the weakest version.

    PS game is too hard



    plz.. plz…
    translate languages..



    While it is the game we all love, the iPad version unfortunately really looks like it was done in a hurry.
    My personal main concern is the missing option to change the language ingame. There’s an option for that in the other versions, why would you cut that out in the mobile game? I just don’t understand. Personally I think the German translation really sucks, but I don’t really care because I would love to play the game in English anyway – only the game won’t let me.

    Other than that the 16:9 resolution in combination with the very small ui-elements is also a big downer. Should have looked at other popular mobile ports (FTL!), they’ve done it right. Hope this will be fixed some time in the future, until then there’s no way I can recommend to buy the mobile version, not even at the very cheap price.



    It’s not gonna get fixed, is it.

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