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These forums are closing and migrating to a new location! Please go to and create your account. Feel free to bring your posts over to this new forum.

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    This roleplay has reached a height I [Vanitypirate speaking, for the record] never really anticipated! What started as a casual roleplay with a handful of players has snowballed into its own massive storyline, rules, mods, and lore.

    It’s been very exciting to be a part of! Now, we’ve reached a level of mass where we are starting to need our very own stomping groups to write.

    I’d also like to give a giant thank-you to Red Hook for not only creating the awesome game that we’ve based our stories off of, but also for allowing us to intrude on your forum. :^) It was an incredibly kind gesture of you guys to give us our own space on the forum. Darkest Dungeon is a perfect example of an Early Access game done right, and it’s been really incredible to see the game and its community develop and grow.

    With that said, there are several reasons for the switch to a secondary website to RP on:
    -Quality control:
    On another website, the mods will be able to actually moderate and ensure that everyone is interacted fairly. Before, we operated on a sort of trust system, and all issues have been able to be resolved through communication, but it has also been agreed that the ability to enforce the rules we decided on would be very helpful.

    -Escape from the spam filter:
    The forum’s spam filter has great reason to be a bit sensitive, but some posts, especially ones that have been extensively edited, have been spontaneously deleted. This is understandable, as the forum’s purpose isn’t for roleplaying, but it is a bit frustrating.

    -Mercy on the forum:
    We have been rather crowding on the forum with our big, dumb roleplay. It has been at the top of the ‘From the Forum’ regularly, which can make it more difficult to see other threads that have been made. Not to mention, we have made it very difficult for other people to create an entirely separate roleplay of their own by crowding the Roleplay section of the site.

    Keep in mind that none of this is a criticism of the forum itself, and we consider ourselves very lucky for it and this section.

    Even though we will be moving to the website, feel free to roleplay with the remaining threads! Or, better yet, absolutely feel free to create your own roleplay and write all over that! It’d be a shame to let this fancy section of the site go to waste. I know that I, for one, will still linger around the site and participate in other roleplays and threads.

    We are still accepting (and encouraging) new roleplayers! Feel free to join us on our new website, or continue to post around on our existing threads.

    If you’d like to talk to the other roleplayers, we have a Discord server! You can find that here: but keep in mind that you will need to be a member of that server for at least 10 minutes before being able to send messages.

    And, naturally, here is the link to our shiny, new forum:

    As always, happy typing!

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