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    Ser Pounce

    Hello guys, first post on this forum so far.

    I’m here because I wanted to ask something about the french translation in the game. It’s almost good but that’s it : almost. There are some little errors and the translation is sometimes a bit… tricky and kinda lose the essence of the narration. Since I love this game, I wanted to help with it. Provided the narration in English and irs traduction in French, I would like to correct it.

    I’m not asking for anything in exchange. I just wanna help.


    Hey Ser Pounce,

    Head over to and create an account. You can submit lines for any of the strings in the game. We have a big update to the french loc planned for later this year, since much was re-written.


    Ser Pounce

    Thank you for the link !

    It’s kinda nice even if I shake my self a bit too late to help but I’ll make sure to give it a look.



    Missing space everywhere :


    Glan von Brylan

    Yeah, I noticed a translation error but it seems right on the link you gave. (the search bar is pretty laggy by the way)

    The problem is with the “Mankind hater” quirk having the name of the “Unholy hater” quirk. (unholy is “impies” et mankind is “humain”)
    However it has the correct name if I set the game in english.
    See the file attached.
    It’s the str_quirk_name_hatred_of_man string.
    I’m using the Steam version of the game with all DLCs.

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    I noticed an another translation error. I’m using the Steam version of the game with all DLCs.
    For all skill, “Mark Target” is translate by “Retirer l’étourdissement” and not “Marque la cible”.

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