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    This is probably the fastest way to always trigger a specific bark, so you can examine how it appears in the game. The process is quite simple.

    All you need is:
    1) A party made up of resolve level 0 to level 4 characters.
    ***NOTE: Please do not use valuable characters, they will essentially be wasted using this method!
    2) Quests open in the Darkest Dungeon. Please note, this is available right from the very first time you begin in the Hamlet, after the tutorial, from a new campaign, so it’s very easy to access.
    3) A good text editor that can display xml data well (notepad2 or notepad++ work).
    4) A way of taking screenshots of the game and a program to open them with.

    First prepare the testing scenario. In the game:
    1) Go the Embark screen.
    2) Create a party made of Resolve Level 0 to Level 4 characters.
    3) Select a quest in the Darkest Dungeon.
    4) Embark (you don’t need to buy provisions or equip trinkets)
    5) As soon as the level loads, your characters will begin to complain, one after the other, that this level is too hard for them. Great! That’s all you need!
    6) Hit Escape, Select: Quit to Desktop.

    Ok, now you are setup to test strings fairly quickly and easily. Next is how to actually setup the strings so you can replace the bark about how the level is too hard with a string of your choosing.

    1) Find where miscellaneous.string_table.xml is. ie: SteamApps\common\DarkestDungeon\localization

    2) Create a duplicate of the miscellaneous.string_table.xml and put it somewhere safe.

    3) Open this file with a good text editor (notepad2 or notepad++). It should be easy for you to search and also read the xml.

    4) Search for: bark_effective_difficulty
    This will take you to something that looks like:

    Please note, this guide assumes you are using English as the language in the game. If not, you can simply repeat the search until you reach the section of your desired langage, for example German would look like:

    5) Take the string you want to test and use it to replace the highlighted portion, please be careful not to delete the [ ] characters: < ![CDATA[THIS DUNGEON IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR ME!]]>


    7) In the same folder as this file, run the localization.bat file. It should not generate any errors.

    Now you can simply load up your campaign, and the game will start in the Darkest Dungeon and almost immediately your characters will bark out the string you want to test. Be sure to be ready to take a screenshot, assuming you want a way to quickly refer to the output. Then quit the game and make the changes you need.

    To continue testing, just go back to the xml file, change the string as above, save it, re-run localization .bat, then start the game again. Every time you load your campaign, you will return to this

    A final word on how the text appears in the game. Generally we have noticed that strings with a lot of ‘wide’ characters, like W, and words with a lot of letters cause the most issues. This string is 53 characters in length and pretty much is as big as the game allows: WWWWW WWWWW WWW WWW WWWWWW WWWW WWWWW WWWWW WWW WWWW. The longest barks in the game are around 100 characters (the Houndmaster has a few). I would suggest if a bark is over 80 characters (including spaces) then it would be smart to test it out using the above method.


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