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    Here’s a question for all of you future Darkest Dungeon players: how, or by what criteria, will you name your heroes?

    Will the names be thematically based (middle-eastern for the Occultist, for example) or random? Will you use character names from your favorite books/ comics/ video games? Do you maybe have a set of names you use in every party-based game?

    I love this RPG aspect of gaming, so I’ll probably take some time to decide how to name my heroes. 🙂
    On the other hand, I might end up using the names from this awesome fan-fiction blog, which was featured on the DD Facebook page:

    I like the names in there:

    Plague Doctor – Morgan
    Occultist – Raziq
    Hellion – Wolfswift
    Leper – York
    Highwayman – Benedict
    Houndmaster – Maxwell
    Crusader – Blacksmith
    Man-at-Arms – Cole
    Bountyhunter – Achus
    Grave Robber – Sorain
    Vestal – Catherine



    I’ll likely keep the names they come as. The only one I’ll be naming is part of the Name A Hero tier pledge, which I’ll be calling a Jester character Indumentum Oris.



    I will use Friends and Family for the most part. I don’t like using other peoples chosen names in general so no books or movies.

    A special exception goes to “Coleman” who was a random soldier in the PS1 game Final Fantasy Tactics. I got him in the beginning as a squire I think and he lived through the whole game, His strength skill surpassed many heroes in the game and I felt he was my unsung hero of the game and held a place next to all the “named” heroes. I like to use that name for knight classes when the chance arises.

    I also enjoy clicking through lists of pregenerated names and picking one that seem to fit too!


    Someone is being called Lupus, other than that I’m sure there is a database somewhere for names from renaissance Germany.

    Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum



    I’m most likely to just leave them as they come.

    And Lupus, I have found this to be a great resource on many occasions over the years:


    Golem, you’re a star.

    Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum



    If one character become the god-tier backbone of the main team, like what’s currently happening in my playthrough of xcom, I’ll name him/her Remirez. They will then have to do absolutely everything.



    I probably won’t be renaming the characters, but I do have one picked out for the character I get to customize from the KS. His name will be Tammerlaine.



    I actually have one for every class. Granted, i’ll be out of luck when I find multiples of a class, but oh well.
    Bounty Hunter: Mazzi -Top of my head.
    Grave Robber: Avila -Top of my head.
    Vestal: Melissent -Top of my head.
    Occultist: Asheq -Taken from one of my older roleplaying characters.
    Plague Doctor: Enmeline -Top of my head.
    Man-At-Arms: Paternicus -I thought it was fitting, a very old and very old fashioned name like that going with an aging soldier.
    Leper: Javer -Top of my head.
    Jester: Joest -Pronounced Yo-st
    Highwayman: Flemyng -Stolen from one of the actors I’ve cast him as.
    Houndmaster: Peregrino -Top of my head.
    Hellion: Ygritte -And before any comments, I have a weakness for both the character and Rose Leslie. I couldn’t help myself, don’t judge.
    Arbalest: Gawain -Cause come on, lady knight, couldn’t go without a great knight’s name.
    Crusader: Palque -Found it on a name generator for Romany names and thought of a quick backstory for him and it just stuck.

    And I believe that’s all of them.

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