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    – Pitch Black Dungeon 6.142 compatible (СomboUtility > PBD CC patch > PBD).
    – Dungeons level restriction removed
    – Tactical retreat: lesser stress damage and no loot lots on quest abandon.
    – No damage from “The Blood”.
    – Heirloom exchange 1 – 1.
    – No town activity cost multiplier.
    – No Eldritch sprites, usual sprites using.
    – No tavern trinket loss.
    – 4 trinket slots with panel graphic in town and quest.
    – 26 inventory slots with expanded panel graphic in quest. Use TAB button to switch to map.
    – All “is_repeatable”: false replaced with “true” in quests definitions.
    – Gold stacks up to 25К, Heirloom 100, gems 99, quest items 9, log 5, showel 9, potions 18, keys 25, torch and provision 20
    – Raised max item count that can be bought.
    – Full refund for unused supply provision.
    – 7 / 7 qurks, and all can be locked.
    – Raised hp / stress damage from starvation, raised heal / relieve on camp / hunger check / consuming.
    – Heroes full after 2 provision consumed.
    – No Crimson Court invitation needed
    – Less infestation chance.

    Crimson Curse changes:
    – Random actions:
    — passive – not changed
    — crave – only stressing
    — wasting – not changed
    — blood_lust – no friendly fire, raised chance to mark self and refuse to withdraw

    Phases now somehow longer.

    Crimson Curse Effects:
    You vampires full, happy, and lazy.
    – more Dodge, Acc, Prot
    – Less Speed, Crit, Damage
    – High resistance to bleeding and death blow

    blood_lust – Heroes want some… crimson bloody fun with monsters.
    – More Damage, Crit rate, speed, Virtue chance.
    – Less Acc and Dodge
    – Less Debuff / Trap / Move / Stun resistance (thay don’t have time to give a… attentiont to such things)

    For manual install to “mods” folder: mega nz/#F!8oJVVQBC!p7fhVEOHYHBbTD6x3b0NkQ

    Feel free to modify / split / fork / chain this mod.

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