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    (Sorry for the potential double-post. I already made this post, but it seems to have disappeared.)

    Hi everyone,

    I just bought the game on Steam, but, unfortunately, I am thinking of asking for a refund. Before doing that, though, I’d like to ask whether what I don’t like might be changed or not at some point in the future. There are a couple of things:

    a) You cannot see what enemy abilities do. I think it’s great that you can’t know their abilities until they use them, but do you think at some point we will be able to hover over enemy abilities to see what they do and which position they can attack? This could even be gradual – as you see different effects, different positions, different damages, this gets added to the hover-over info.

    b) Will there be an in-game encyclopedia where you can view the monsters you have fought, together with what you’ve learned about them?

    c) From what I could see with my 2h or so of gameplay, different locations have different monsters. I think it’s great that you don’t know what monsters you will face in a location until you first encounter them, but once you learn what monsters inhabit different locations, it would be great to have an in-game place where you can see this. For example, right-clicking on a location could bring up an overview of the monsters you have already fought there, from where you could also click on the monsters to see more info on them. This would allow me to plan accordingly. For example, if I am not expecting monsters that can cause bleeding, then I am unlikely to bring bandages. Do you think a feature like this will be implemented at some point?

    For me personally, none of these things add to the gameplay or challenge. Rather, they just create the unnecessary hassle in that they force me to write down all this info myself, but why would I be doing that when it could just be shown in-game?

    Of course, I could also constantly alt-tab to check the wiki, but for me that would ruin the fun, and also reveal spoilers.

    I tried seeing if there are any mods that change any of this, but there are none that I could find.

    So, I’m really hoping that some of the devs could perhaps just write a short answer whether they may be possibly planning on adding any of these features?



    I swear I read just last week a post somewhere from a dev saying they didn’t like that everybody went to wikis for their info, and that the information should be available in the game. For the life of me I can’t find that anymore.

    For what it’s worth I agree with you wholeheartedly. I enjoy this game in spite of the odd hidden information, not because of it.

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    Honestly all this seems to be quality of life info. Some of what you asked wouldn’t be hard to implement, but it would take time as to make sure it doesn’t mess anything else up. Questions A and C however can just be fixed by playing the game longer. You will be able to remember it as you play, and honestly me myself have memorized everything about the enemies, curio’s, and what to prepare with in each area. Out of your three options, option B is the only one I would actually think would be important enough for Red Hook to work on implementing, as I myself love learning about the lore and think it would add more depth to the game.

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    They said something about it in their latest AMA on Reddit, I remember they mentioned people at Curse begged them not to put an in-game encyclopedia because the wiki ads bring them a lot of revenue, heh.

    I think they are considering it.


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    Thanks for the answers!

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