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    Need to get in touch?

    We would love to hear from you! Please contact us should you need to get in contact with one of the email address below:

    TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  support (at) redhookgames (dot) com


    FEEDBACK:  feedback (at} redhookgames (dot) com


    BACKER SUPPORT:   backersupport (at) redhookgames (dot) com

    (Kickstarter, Humble Pre-orders)


    BUSINESS INQUIRIES:  biz (at) redhookgames (dot) com

    Connect with us



    Dear Team,

    I like this game, however i’ve bought it in Steam, and now i prefer to use GOG. Considering this new DLC coming, i would love to buy it, but i don’t want to do it in Steam. Is there any way to get the key to register it in steam, i can provide evidences ii’ve bought this game if it is needed. My Steam and GOG accounts are linked and if you will put this game in the program, i could do it w/o your help.

    Thanks in advance,



    Dear Team,

    I tried to unlock the achievement ” like lambs to the slaughter ” but it’s impossible to. I checked on forums to see if I did a mistake but I didn’t. Please, can you check if there is a bug ?

    Thanks in advance,



    Dear Team

    Hello My name is Juns YouTube Streamer.
    I want to upload the Darkest dungeon to my channel. Would it be okay if I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel?
    Can I make money by doing so?

    Thanks for reading



    Dear Redhook Team

    I would just like to ask about what is causing my game to get stuck on Crimson Court 2nd mission, my main saved file is currently stuck there on the loading screen, it says a lot of errors like it cannot open this files as I can remember it say this “heroes/anim/occultist_affliction etc texture?” and so on I’ll send a picture if needed please do respond or please give an advice on how can I get out of that state, I really dont want to re-do all of my saved data.. when is the next hotfix.. 🙁



    Good day. I have a problem with DD on my IPad. I go to the game a week ago and found that all my characters, accessories, gold and relics is gone. The stage is empty, I can’t continue the game. I don’t want restart my progress, what should I do?

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