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    There seems to be an odd bug with the latest build directly affecting interactions with curios. I first encountered it in a medium length lvl 5 quest to reclaim medicine in the Weald. I was able to make it through a few rooms, fight a few mobs, and interact with other curious, until I was progressing through one corridor where I found a sconce. Whenever I try to interact with the sconce the game never proceeds to load the curio pop up window and I loose all control. The music continues to play, and all the animations still run, but all control, both for keyboard and mouse, is lost.

    Other players have claimed similar issues in the comments here:



    Experienced exactly the same issue few days ago. Any chance of fixing it soon?

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    yep, same here.
    I’m on PS4, and it happens randomly for curios or torches.
    I still have access to start menu, so I save & quit, restart, and experience exactly the same a few times on the same curio, until it finally says that it’s empty and then I can move on.
    but other than that, the popup never shows up and the characters can’t move because the game awaits my decision on something that isn’t on screen.



    I can confirm this bug as well with my ps4 copy.

    In fact, after the bug with the interactive item happens. I can save and exit the game. Upon reloading, it seems like every time I interact with an object, the bug occurs, making it difficult to continue once the bug activates.



    Same here (PS4) and it seems to get more anoying too.
    Sometimes also the next Room gets an blue “fast foreward” Image when this happens.

    The only way to “venture forth” is to ignore the curio. But last time i got the same issue again on the next curio …

    Don’t know this is a bug or intended: In the Hamlet the daily Message often seem to get stuck on “The Town is abbuz”, i get it at least 3/4 of the time…

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