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    Meanwhile as chaos spread, the Madman had gotten up and with shaky legs and surprising speed. He was silent, and he almost ran to Mal, moving to push the gun towards her chest with force.

    “You shot your friend, you did it on purpose! Let hell take you to the Abyss for your sins! Let God smite you where you stand!” He screamed, a look of mad frenzy and glee on his face as he did so.

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    “Huh… Did Sephone leave one of her Temerdaemons behind the last time she visited?” The bloody priest muses aloud, as he runs in an erratic zig-zag towards Grom. Once the priest is close enough, he takes a stab at Grom with the dagger in his left hand… Before his formerly-human maw morphs into a lupine muzzle for a follow-up bite at Grom’s gun-wielding arm. Whether the bite connects or not, the muzzle then turns back into a human mouth as the monstrous priest retreats back out of melee range of Grom.


    Falling into the pile of dead, Grom could soon join them – helpless as he was against the stab attempt. The outlaw grit his teeth, hissing and growling in pain, letting out but a small yelp.

    Keeping his hands close to the body, whatever the thing was that tried to bite him had to first eat lead from a loaded flintlock, shot at point blank, as Grom twisted to face it. He covered his face with the knife arm and pulled the trigger.


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    Mal’s panic, from having nearly blasted her ally’s arm off, was interrupted by the charging madman. His shove knocked her onto her rear, though she acted quickly, grabbing the musket’s barrel in both hands and swinging the butt of the rifle to knock the assailant over the head.

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    The blood-soaked priest staggered a few steps backward, cradling the gut wound he had just received from Grom. “Heh… Well… This Famine didn’t last long… Wonder how the others will do…” He remarks resignedly as he sways on his feet.

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