Topic: Deterministic crash after beating a boss with Riposte

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    I’m experiencing bug that results in guaranteed crash in battle when I load my savegame.
    The game is Steam version 20606.
    Boss fight with Necromancer 3.
    The party consists of 4 characters:
    Doctor(), Man-at-Arms(M), Vestal(V), Crusader(C)

    M has Riposte enabled and protecting C.
    Necromancer activates The Flesh is Willing, dealing damage to V and C.
    M’s Riposte activates, M kills Necromancer with Riposte blow.
    As Necromancer dies, the game crashes.

    No amount of reloads help. Obviously, the action sequence restarts at the moment the save is loaded, so the game is stuck in dead end loop.

    Savegame is in attached file.

    Please help, I put so much effort in it! ((((



    Savegame in the attachement



    build #20645 fixed the crash! THanks! ))

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