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    Hey everyone.

    New to this forum and totally excited for this game. I miseed the kickstarter (Can’t catch all the good ones) and am now trying to decide on which tier to pre-order. I really don’t want to miss the digital deluxe class, but I was wondering if anyone knows if they are going to release it as DLC or give us a chance to upgrade to digital deluxe later. I just want to buy in at the early access tier at this point.

    What do you guys think? Any chance?



    Hey gholin,

    first of all: welcome! Great to have you here!

    Regarding your question: As far as i know they didn’t state anything yet. I would suggest you, if you can find the time of course, to tune in their weekly Twitch Stream every Thursday at 7pm EST to ask this question. They usually answer a lot of questions and it’s a very enjoying stream :]

    I personally don’t really believe that they will do something like that, pretty much to keep their integrity. It was a reward for people who greatly supported the game early on without any foundation. Not sure if it’s cool to take this kind of reward away. I experienced Redhook as a really sincere and thoughtful company when i comes to thinks like this. But we will see, if the demand is high enough, maybe they will ( I wouldn’t mind too, since i missed the Kickstarter train :p)

    Edit: Just asked it on stream. They said, that they didn’t really thought a lot about the exclusive class yet. But they know that not everyone would have heart about the kickstarter in february, so you can still preorder the deluxe edition on their website and get the class. Rest is up to you :]

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