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    I actually had done this after the release of Darkest Dungeon last year(?). I dunno why I never decided to post it here. I guess work got to me. I was looking back at my drafts on this char and thought, I should really work back on them.

    So as a first step, I’m posting the pic here. I have thought a lot on this character, from backstory (as vague as everyone else’s backstory) to their gameplay, but I can see myself after one year, redoing them.


    The Dragon

    The Dragon is a class from the Far East of the Darkest Dungeon world, their identity almost unknown. They belong to a assassination cult tasked by the Empire to take out their own kind of eldritch creatures hiding in the shadows. And they do so by hiding theirs with the mask of the Dragon and under the cover of oriental performing. They’ve seen more than the normal civilian to know sanity will not be their salvation. But will their own abilities and training be enough to turn the tide?

    This character I have done is a non-binary character more because of their backstory too. They were into the oriental entertainment (like how here in Singapore, we have the Chinese opera, lion dancing etc) until half their body was burned off. Hence the scars you see there. And to their class, their identity is never seen. Their specialty is both a flame torch there and a jar of alcohol, inspired by Chinese fire breathing. They’re armed with metal rods (there was a name for this Chinese weapon too, need to find it again) that can also be heated and cause burns on their foes, and for defense (now shown here), they’re equipped with an armor piece on their arm.

    The skillset I had in mind were not so much of illuminating light like the cleric’s torch skill but more of heavy damage and condition healing tbh. Fire breathing should not add on to the light level for sure and could cure bleed (like open wound, put a heated rod on it…yikes). Other skills also includes martial arts and camp skills would be more of Chinese herbal ways and acupuncture. And stab with a metal rod.

    So the Dragon is kinda like the Leper mixed with the Occultist. This was a year ago mind you. I’m pretty sure Im gonna improve alot, even on the skills to make them balanced. And after that…I dun really know. I just did this for fun. And it’s still fun coming back to it. Probably just more fanart on Darkest Dungeon and the Dragon too.

    I did also have another idea related to this actually, a sorta new area where enemies are like those snakes cult, the Yig. I suppose that would affect blight and give a similar aspect of changing to teammates like the Blood from the Crimson Court. And the backstory is like “Oh the Dragon stowawayed on board a ship to stop these creatures or something. That’s why they are there.”

    I dunno. This was a year ago! :L All this is sure to change.

    Anyway, enough rumbling of a crazy old artist. Hope you’ll like it. Expect more.

    Btw this is my second time uploading this uh, I dunno what I did wrong?


    I don’t why the picture’s not showing. So gonna try again.

    Link to my pic here;

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