Topic: I Love CC but the Blood Suckers Flooding Other Dungeons are too Numerous & Weak

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    I love the new DLC and I think it is well designed both from an artistic and mechanical stand point with one exception which is that as infestation levels rise you start to see far too many weak blood sucker enemies in other areas. Since the types of blood suckers that show up are rather underwhelming as far enemies go, it’s akin to getting swarmed by annoying gnats rather than being stalked by eldritch abominations.

    I would love it if the run ins with blood sucker enemies outside of the crimson court were less common but more challenging and memorable, more akin to running into an elite mob than a swarm of gnats. That way it feels more like there are rare hidden blood sucking terrors stalking the shadows rather than an an annoying cloud of mosquitoes everywhere you go. It would provide some tension and a much more satisfying challenge when they finally do jump you. They could even have some sort of rare unique trinket drop like the madmen so that way if really feels like these are higher stake fights than the usual trash mobs.

    The DLC provides us players with so many new OP tools that it really does make the game a lot easier as a whole. I mean the Flagellant is just amazing and the new buildings are pure power creep as are a few of the new trinket sets. Even the curse itself is probably a boon overall when managed properly. I think having weak blood sucker enemies becoming so common that they seriously lower the chances of running into the usual elite mobs that show up in other dungeons is a bit anti-climatic and anti-thematic. These blood sucking monstrosities are supposed to be terrors that are feared rather than gnats to be swatted. All of this leads me to believe that the developers should consider ramping up the difficulty on these wandering blood suckers a little bit to counter balance all this new found power and make them a bit rarer so we aren’t sick of seeing them all the time. It would be awesome of there was some sort of champion blood sucker stalking the night in the higher level dungeons.

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