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    I’ve been playing on ipad for the past few weeks.

    I went on the bird boss quest (dont know the name in english. Screamer?) and the game crashed at the end just before opening the chest. Since then, I cannot reuse the save: it loads on the weald, and before reaching the dungeon (during the loading screen), it crashes every time. I’ve tried rebooting the ipad. No luck.

    Can you do anything about it ? I just can’t play.

    Thank you,



    Same issue is occurring to me, but during the load screen going into the third darkest dungeon, belly of the beast. The first time it did load and I moved to go to the first room available before it crashed. Now it crashes during the load screen when reloading the save.

    Any fixes would be appreciated as I’m not really interested in starting completely over and having this potentially happen again.

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