Topic: Is it possible to disable a skill with another skill?

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    Just for clarification, I am not interested in the abomination’s method of doing this. I would like the skill to still remain but be blacked out as if you were out of position.

    Is this possible? Probably not, but I figured I might as well ask.



    It might be possible by placing a buff similar to this:

             "id" : "disable_heal",
             "stat_type" : "disable_combat_skill_attribute",
             "stat_sub_type" : "heal",
             "amount" : 1.0,
             "remove_if_not_active" : false,
             "rule_type" : "always",
             "is_false_rule" : false,
             "rule_data" : {
                "float" : 0,
                "string" : ""

    this one will disable all healing skills.

    You can change "rule_type" : "always" to "rule_type" : "skill" and "string" : "" to "string" : "skill_name"
    And maybe try changing "stat_sub_type" : "heal" to something else

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