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    I know some people (especially family members), that love this game but have a difficult time playing it due to knowing English as a second or even third language, and still in the earlier learning phases at that. They are from Japan, and are very interested in a Japanese translation language pack, if that were possible. Is this something that could be done or is it too difficult?
    Thanks for any consideration,
    – Jeremy



    At first, the public translating based translation website is here ( perhaps you have already known ):

    You should first ask “redhookjohn” to establish a translation project for Japanese on that website and after that, you can gather some friends who knows much about the game, cthulu mythos writing-style and English-Japanese translation to finish the whole game’s translation in Japanese on the website.

    But the task ahead won’t be easy and there is about more than 12000 pieces of text-translations to get done. Though the website is public based, I strongly suggest all translation members use a communication platform to ensure a single and accurate translation of some divergence-translation words.

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