Topic: Just wanted to make a simple suggestion to the devs.

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    Hello all.

    When i first played the game curios were kinda odd, i assumed each class had positive interactions with different curios, my best example would be the graverobber and Shallow Grave/Ancient Coffin, it would make sense she wouldnt need a shovel to dig up graves to receive a positive outcome.

    And the plague doctor when interacting with Alchemy Table,Dinner Cart,Moonshine Barrel,Beast Carcass,Fish Carcass.

    thoughts opinions?



    I like the general idea of giving character-curio interactions a more class appropriate theme. This is something they’ve done to a certain extent, for instance the antiquarian has a special class trait based specifically around interacting with curios, the sneaky/scouty classes have class trinkets that make them better at finding and disarming traps, and in the Crimson Court update they added a Hamlet upgrade that allows certain classes including the Plague Doctor to get stress relief from interacting with knowledge curios. I still think there’s room for a lot more, and I would like to see it.

    I would not, however, like to see characters have guaranteed positive interactions with curios. Balancing your limited inventory space is an important source of tension in the game. For instance, if the Plague Doctor could clean fish carcasses automatically, then power leveling in the Cove might be the only way anyone would play – she works well in that dungeon with almost any team, would pretty much be a treasure factory with the ability to guarantee treasure drops from fish carcasses, and you would be able to save medical herbs for the tentacled lurkers, leaving almost no risk from traps.

    I also think that guaranteed positive interactions don’t work thematically with the concept of DD’s flawed heroes. We have “Plague Doctors” instead of “healers” and “Grave Robbers” instead of “rogues” because our adventurers are not fantasy heroes. They are desperate individuals who very well might endanger the safety of themselves or their comrades by recklessly interacting with things in pursuit of their obsession with knowledge, money, religious fervor, or whatever.

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