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    If this isn’t a good place to do this, please boot this post, Mod peoples.

    I’ve tried some modding in the past, and it was almost nice– until I realized that I can’t do art to save my life. So basically, I’m looking for a symbiotic relationship– you help me, and I help you. I’m looking for anyone that’s willing to do art for completely free because, y’know, this is something I do in my spare time. But I expect that, if anyone responds to this, it’ll be someone who can do art well but not the codey part of the venture. Because that’s the part I can do!

    The idea here is this:
    I have a class/trinket idea or whatever– I can code it into existence, but the art never looks right.
    You have a class/trinket idea– you can draw it real nice but can’t code it in.
    We make a tradeoff– I code your art in, and you art my code in. Easy peasy.

    This doesn’t even have to be a “just me” thing. Others can hop in here and post an idea they have or art they’ve got, and it can attract people who think “oh wow that’s cool!”. So, in short, why not take two skillsets on different people and mash ’em up? Make it happen!

    So far, my personal ideas are:
    Tempest: A knight-like class based on electricity and stunning.
    Planeswalker: This is still infantile in idea stage, but if you play MtG, I hope you can see some potential.
    And other elemental classes, like fire and water and nature. So, who’s with me?

    (Also, apologies if a forum like this exists. I looked and couldn’t find one, but it’s always possible that I goofed.

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