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    My take on balancing DD. It has two purposes:
    1) Make weak/rarely used skills/classes more viable at high difficulty situations (Stygian/Bloodmoon + No Light)
    2) Change monsters to shift priority from “Kill backline ASAP 95% of the time” to “killing frontline is as viable as killing backline”.
    This is also from perspective of high difficulty.

    Mod is heavily VIP, but stable.

    Inspiration from a seasoned DD player, FilthyRobot. Youtube vids:

    Mod link and details at Nexusmods:


    Update 1.1:
    + made Marks more usefull, now they grant buffs against marked target for the party (except for mark’s caster).
    + made Pelagic Guardian no longer prevent stall penalty.
    + Fungal Scratchers now self buff themselves with every attack (+25% Stun Resist for 1 battle). Kill them quickly before they get out of control.
    * added 3 uses per battle limit to PD’s Emboldening Vapours, can’t target self anymore.

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