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    Hello there.

    I am currently trying to concoct a rework for the highwayman – to make him, overall, more useful, unique and make his fighting style more about meshing melee and ranged attacks together. I am, however, not sure wether it is possible to get it to work like I envision it.

    The main feature of the overhaul will be a Bullet-System. The highwayman loads bullets with his melee abilities and the new ability “Preparation” and uses them for his ranged abilities – which are now much more powerful, require Bullets to be used and, in most cases, get stronger if you use up more than 1 Bullet.
    The question is: Will this work at all?
    What I need is:
    A stacking buff or the like for the bullets
    Abilities that consume between a certain minimum and maximum number of Bullets(Say 1-3 Bullets)
    The abilities getting stronger with each bullet(Say, 50% DMG per bullet consumed)
    And, for one ability, different effects depending on the number of Bullets used.
    Lastly, for the new ability “Preparation”, I wish for it to always move the Highwayman to Pos3

    I’ll post the rework here so you can see for yourself what the abilities are like and what I would need. I would be thankful for any help!

    Wicked Slice

    Can only target Position 1/2
    Damage down to 100%
    Debuffs enemy for 3 turns: Take 15-30% more damage from Ranged abilities
    Loads a Bullet

    Pistol Shot

    Consumes 1 Bullet
    Damage up to 100% Damage
    +5 Acc
    Base Crit up to 10-20%
    VS Marked: +15% DMG; +10% Crit;

    Point Blank Shot
    Consumes 1-3 Bullets
    +5 ACC
    Enemy Knockback Removed
    Reduce Crit to 0% at all ranks
    DMG: 100% base DMG+40% per bullet consumed(Effectively a DMG Mod of +40% to +120%)
    Reduces target prot(before damage is applied) by 20-40% for 3 turns

    Grapeshot Blast
    Consumes up to 3 Bullets
    Hits pos 1/2, 2/3 or 3/4
    Deals 35% DMG for each bullet consumed(Effectively a DMG mod between -65% to +5%)
    ACC up by 5 on all levels
    Loads a Bullet

    Wounding shot
    Consumes up to 2 Bullets
    2-Stage Attack
    First bullet:
    40% dmg
    Apply debuff: Bonus 15-30% bonus damage from Melee for 3 turns
    Second bullet:
    80% dmg
    Apply weak Bleed
    Usable from position 3/2/1
    Can Target Pos 1/2/3
    Low Crit
    Average ACC
    (If 2+ Bullets are loaded, they are consumed and both parts happen)

    Duelists Advance
    Can only target Pos 1/2/3
    70% DMG
    0% Crit on all ranks
    Moves 2 Forward
    Riposte for 1 turn
    Grants 25% Prot for turn
    Riposte: 60% DMG
    Riposte: 2-6% Crit
    Loads a Bullet

    Moves Highwayman to Position 3
    Mark Target for 3 Turns
    Loads 2 Bullets
    Selfbuff: 20-35% Ranged DMG; +2-10 ACC




    While I appreciate your desire to make the Highwayman a viable party member who doesn’t just die as soon as anything looks at him I don’t really have the ability to help very much. I can tell you that you can’t force a skill to move a character to a specific rank (beyond forwards 3/backwards 2 etc). Actually if you made the skill only available from one position then you could have the move portion shove him to the rank you want but I suspect you want it to be usable from many positions.

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