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    I have some ideas that I was hoping to try and mod into the game but reading through some of the content in this forum about difficulties with conditional coding I’m curious if its even possible.

    The question is about the Set bonuses for the crimson trinkets, I was curious if I can make them alter abilities or if that kind of conditional alteration is not possible. A simple example making it so Arbalest’s Sniper shot applies a mark or would gain an additional bonus vs mark.

    My initial thought was a rather round about kind of hack where you could basically do a skill replacement with a new skill which could function the same as sniper shot with just the modification tagged on. But I’m not a proficient coder and am not totally sure if the Abominations replacement system is something you could recreate on an item so I was curious if such a thing were feasible before spending a lot of hours on a pointless project.



    Sorry if this is hijacking this post but I also had some questions about how items can interact and though it might be better to keep those thoughts in a single thread.

    Is is possible to have one trinket prevent another from being equiped? i.e. would it be possible to make shield A prevent the Man-at-arms from equiping shield B?

    Would it be posible to have a trinket change the skin of a cheracter? i.e. would it be possible to make shield C change the man-at-arms skin to show one with that type of shield?

    thanks in adveance for any help!


    While I don’t know about trinkets being mutually exclusive I know it’s not possible to have a trinket change the character skin.

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