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    I’ve run into a problem having monsters spawn in dungeons other than their “native” dungeon. I have no problems editing the dungeon mashs and getting the monsters to show up and fight. Mechanically and visually, there are no problems. The problem is there is no sound for them. When I use debugging mode it claims the game simply can’t find the FMOD event ID for the monster.

    So, for example, if I have a bone arbalest spawn in the cove, it’ll show up and work just fine but it will be completely silent. Monsters that show up in multiple dungeons seem to be unaffected. I had some skeletons spawn in a test mission in the hamlet and while most of them were silent, the bone rabble had working sounds (bone rabble can appear in almost any dungeon).

    There seems to be some level of organization with the sound files that I’m missing. The tutorial for modding DD sounds implies the game will look for any enemy sounds under \char\enemy under the bank file but that seems to be only partially true. For default sounds and monsters, at least, it also depend son dungeon location.

    Interestingly (or frustratingly) enough, if I completely replace the Bone arbalests sounds with my own custom sounds, the game will replace the monster’s sounds in the ruins AND all other dungeons. So on some level the game can find the sounds if it really wants to lol.

    Sorry for the giant block of text! Not sure if anyone has run into this before or know someone who has. I appreciate any help or tips you guys can give me!

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