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    Newbie modder here, and I’m struggling for some reason.

    I’m just starting from the basics, modding a few skills, seeing what I can do. So far, I have messed with the houndmaster skills and everything has worked fine.
    However, after following the same process for the occultist and the vestal as I did for the houndmaster, for some reason, the game acts like it isn’t seeing my changes… or even my files.

    Attempted changes that don’t work:
    * Vestal’s “Judgement” is changed to all targets and has a chance to stun
    * Occultist’s “Sacrificial Stab” has increased damage but applies “SS Bleed X” (Makes himself bleed to deal more damage basically)
    I have included my mod folder for your consideration. Thanks for any help that can be provided… cause I’m lost.

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