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    New to the forums? Come here and say hello! We don’t bite, unless afflicted. 😉

    I’ll start off. I’m Dohon and I learned about Darkest Dungeon when the Kickstarter was already a day old (and funded!). Been hooked ever since and I try to get my hands on as much DD snippets as possible. The game even inspired me to scribble down some words on paper. Looking forward to spending more time with the community and to venture in the Darkest Dungeon in 2015!



    I tend to be known on forums as Riobux. I learned about Darkest Dungeon when Destructoid covered it, and fell in love on the spot. It just seemed to have the perfect combination: Dark fantasy, with art that backs it up. Since then, I’ve tried to go to all the Darkest Dungeon streams due to my love of the art style. I ended up pledging to put a hero and item into the game, and already have a good idea about both. Although the item is based on a Reddit post that I need to see if I can work out how to make the mechanics reflect the post.



    Great idea for a thread.

    I’m SneakyPie, your fearless web and forum admin (I do graphic and web design for a living). I first discovered Darkest Dungeon on a subreddit for HP Lovecraft which directed me to the Kickstarter page. Read everything I could, watched all the videos, and immediately backed the project. Darkest Dungeon is still the only project I’ve ever backed on Kickstarter.

    Since then I’ve been following the progress on the game and eating up everything I could find. This ended up leading to me creating the site and forums because I felt the community was somewhat scattered as well as various media pieces. I wanted to try and bring it all to one place and hopefully grow the community into a stronger one.

    This isn’t my first online community. I’ve done this kind of thing before when Minecraft was still in Alpha and created and grew a community consisting of more than 50,000 users from over 70+ countries in the world. Would be nice to get the Darkest Dungeon community up to a fraction of that kind of popularity.


    Chuckles the Jester

    Hey there, how’s it going everyone? I’m generally not known by this name, but since I’ve spent the 95 dollars to get the name of Chuckles in the game, I thought to myself, why not?

    I’ve found out about the game simply by browsing Videogame projects on Kickstarter, and upon seeing the trailer, well, I was instantly hooked. I remember the good old atmosphere of crawling through a dreary dungeon in the first Diablo game (To this day still the king of atmospheric dungeon crawling!) and this game promises to deliver the same claustrophobic intensity, coupled with tactical turn-based combat, and a well-handled sanity system, well, what’s not to like?

    I’ve been a member of a few online communities myself, I’m a regular (though mostly a silent lurker these days) on the War for the Overworld forums, and I used to run an RP guild with my homies in WoW in the good old Burning Crusade days.

    That’s it for now, see you all around!

    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!



    Hey guys, I’m Arctarus, game player and general stuff do-er.

    Can’t remember where I heard of DD, I think it was mentioned in the SuperBestFriendCast, but I ended up on the kickstarter page and backed it. Was r̶e̶d̶hooked on the general style of the game, and wanted to get as much info as possible on it.

    Not too into game communities too much, but meeting some like minded DD fans sounded fun, so here I am.




    I think I first saw mention of Darkest Dungeon in the games subreddit. Watched and enjoyed the trailers, looked at and enjoyed the character artwork, watched some videos at work the next day. There is much to dig about the game, both style and (from what they’ve shown) substance.



    Hello, I am Core, I found Darkest dungeon via the Q&A in r/games on redddit, I fell in love with it ever since. I’m not a backer but I’m eagerly waiting for the early access, I also enjoy long walks on the beach and the blood of my enemies.



    Hello hello hello!

    I’m Blue, and I’m a long time fan of Lovecraft’s work and works inspired by them. I found Darkest Dungeon by browsing 4chan’s /tg/ board, and fell in love after watching the trailer. Seeing as I’m still a highschool student, I wasn’t able to donate as much as I’d like. But hey, every little bit counts right? I’m glad this forum’s been made, been needing a place to vent all my Darkest Dungeon feelings. 😀

    The class I’d say I’m most interested in finding out more of would probably be the Leper, they seem even more unique among these unique classes. And they look wicked


    Hello all

    I’m Lupus from the UK. I found Darkest Dungeon on kickstarter. And fell in love with it after watching the original trailer and seeing some of the art and kickstarter information. I really enjoy chatting about background and lore, which is why I’m a fan of games like DD

    Away from video games I am a history graduate and masters student. I also tend to do a lot of outdoors stuff.

    An interesting fact about me, I once bothered to read the Anglo Saxon Chronicles.

    :mrgreen: looking forward to chatting with you all.

    Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum




    I’m Stargazer, and I learned of Darkest Dungeon via their Facebook page. I liked what I saw so I gathered more info from the DD web page and the Kickstarter. I was to late to pledge anything but I got hooked and here I am; I’m definitively buying the game when it is done. Can’t wait for it to come out, I’ve been waiting for this kind of game to come out for a looooong time.

    IRL, I’m an avid player of PnP RPGs and this game inspired me to create a campaign based on Darkest Dungeon for my group of players. 🙂
    Class-wise, I prefer the “masked” ones: the Jester, the Leper, the Plague Doctor and the Bounty Hunter.

    Looking forward to talking with you all!



    Hi, I’m Tom, I’m from Australia. I think the multi-party roguelike setup of DD is very coole. I mean without any notion of gamelength I love the many attemps thang.



    Hey, I’m Josh, just a Horror Addict from Sunny California. Spotted Darkest Dungeon while idly browsing Kickstarter. It looked just like my cup of tea: A little bit of Lovecraft, a Little Dark Souls, A little X-com. Basically, Darkest Dungeon seems like my kind of game. I didn’t pledge much, but I ‘m really looking forward to being able to play the game when it comes out. Seems like a pretty hardcore game–something that I miss from most of today’s games.



    Hi, everybody, my name is Joe! I am brand spanking new to the site, having only just gotten the idea of checking their twitter feed to hear about this wonderful forum. I rarely remember that twitter exists so I tend to forget about it. However, I’ve been all kinds of hyped for Darkest Dungeon since about the second day of the Kickstarter campaign. I stumbled on it after finding the trailers on youtube, which lead me down the darkest rabbit hole, as it were. I’m pretty much here to find out more about the game, chat with you guys, and possibly give Twitchblade a run for his money on the fiction front.



    Hi I’m Callielujah from not so sunny Washington.

    I found out about DD from a friend of mine months before the Kickstarter and had been sitting eagerly waiting for new tidbits to roll my way, and waiting to throw money at them for a while.

    Being that I am in to Psychology (and now have a BA in it) the part that I liked most about DD was the focus on the mental states of your adventurers. I have played a lot of Tabletop RPG’s and I would have to say my favorite characters to play are the ones that were the most unstable.

    I also love how Mike Mignola-esque the art is. I’ve been a big Hellboy fan for a while and when I first saw the Madness trailer I was in love.



    Howdy! I’m Dakota “Vicious Koi” from Ontario, Canada.

    Been watching this game since the beginning of February, and was one of the first to back it on Kickstarter. A friend in one of my gaming groups showed it to me because he knows I love horror, roguelikes, and dungeon crawling. When I heard there was a forum for Darkest Dungeon, I decided to hop on it right away.

    I’m looking forward to the early access and I’m hoping to do a Let’s Play as soon as I can. If anyone cares to find me on youtube and watch for it, you can find me at .

    When Darkest Dungeon comes out, I plan on doing a few things right off the bat – attempting the Darkest Dungeon with a fresh party, doing a four-man merchant run, and then doing an extended play using the names of my gaming friends as characters inside the game.

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