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    Hi all!

    I first heard of Darkest Dungeon when I saw its Kickstarter page. I watched the videos, read the description, and immediately donated money!

    This game seems right up my alley, as I tend to play indie, dungeon-crawling/rogue-like games. Would you guys consider this a rogue-like? I mean there’s permadeath, but there’s also a persistent meta-game. I draw a lot of parallels to XCOM: Enemy Unknown.



    Hello all!

    I’m Zeta from Northern California. I first read about Darkest Dungeon on Rock, Paper, Shotgun a few months before the kickstarter. That first trailer that they created in advance of the kickstarter drew me in. When they finally announced the KS, I jumped in almost immediately.

    In my old age, my twitch isn’t what it used to be, so I love all turn-based strategy. Micromanaging RTS units is just too tough these days. I am thrilled that there is a resurgence of turn-based games in the last few years. I also love the idea of having a large stable of characters to develop, and having a top-level area outside of the dungeon to manage.

    I think my favorite classes so far are the plague doctor, the huntsmaster, and the grave robber. Hope that I can talk with you all more soon!


    Hi, I’m Antiloquist. Most people call me Ant.

    I am ashamed to say I only just discovered Darkest Dungeon a few days ago, when I stumbled upon it at Pax Prime 2014’s Indie Expo Booth. However, I fell in love instantly and played the demo four times over the course of the convention, each time trying a different party. I won the first three times, but I got my butt kicked the fourth and final time when I finally swapped out the Vestal for the Occultist.

    Immediately after playing the demo for the first time, I proceeded to tell all my friends to go check out the cool game I had seen, and the day I got home from the convention I got into Early Access.

    I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a game since the time I was twelve and they announced three Kingdom Hearts games at once.

    My favorite classes are the Highwayman, the Plague Doctor, and the Grave Robber, and I’m enough of a loser that I’ve started writing fanfiction based on my interpretations of those three (along with the Vestal to make it a full party).

    When the game comes out I intend to gift it to many of my friends whom I know will enjoy it.

    So uh, yeah. Hi. ._.


    Chuckles the Jester

    How’s it going everyone, I just felt like saying how nice it is to be back, but I didn’t really feel like creating a new thread JUST for that, so, after a period of unceremonious absence, the Jester is back, better than ever!

    I just wish this avatar thing would start working. I swear I did everything right. Maybe it takes a while to update?

    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!



    I just wish this avatar thing would start working. I swear I did everything right. Maybe it takes a while to update?

    It should be almost instant. Did you use the same email address that you use for your WordPress account when using Gravatar?


    Chuckles the Jester

    Yes. Yes I did.

    EDIT: Now I can see it, but I can only see it if I view my profile. What is going on!?
    EDIT 2: And now I can see it, but only when using Chrome, not Firefox. WHAT.

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    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!



    Oh weird. I dunno what to say to that. At least it works in two of the more popular browsers.


    Chuckles the Jester

    Nevermind, now it’s working. Thanks for the great response time and willingness to help, though. This forum really is quite good. 🙂

    Heeeey children, guess what time it is!



    hi new to the forums, just found out about DD. love it! didn’t get a chance to donate to kickstarter 🙁 would have loved some of those extras anyways looking forward to playing this and its nice to meet everyone. 🙂



    Y’ello, lads and lasses!
    I generally go by Fwo0sh in games, forums and art sites so I’ll refer myself as such here! I hail from the not-as-frozen-as-you’d-think lands of the North and am an embarassment to my ancestors of traders, pillagers and rapists. A pretty standard Swede.

    I heard about DD when I found a Rock Paper Shotgun article about the game. I’m ashamed to say that I dismissed it at first and it was not until a couple o’ weeks later that I realised my mistake and fell in love with it. By that time the Kickstarter had been funded. So I became a Slacker Backer recently instead!
    Loving the art style and gameplay from what I’ve seen. Excited!




    I’m Ikaros, and I found Darkest Dungeon through Game Informer, but didn’t think much of it until a few weeks after I read the painfully brief article they had written about it. I watched 5 minutes of game play and immediately pre-ordered it, this game looks far too good to pass up. I was fascinated with the affliction system, and I am also an avid D&D Player, which is probably why this game appeals to me so much.

    Certified Plebeian.


    Loving this thread!



    G’day fellow Dungeoneers!

    I stumbled onto The Darkest Dungeon when I was browsing Kickstarter. After the video intro I was hooked & became a backer instantly!

    I have always had a great fondness for the gothic horror genre, making futile forays into the lands of dread while playing Ravenloft with my old D&D buddies.

    What I love about what I’ve seen so far, is the fusion of the dark fantasy genre, the incredible art style, & an over-arching narrative/plot reminiscent of a Lovecraft story.

    Bring on 2015! My weapons are sharp, and my resolve is steeled!



    Hi All, just a quick hello 🙂 I’m an Irish graphic designer. Been really looking forward to this release since its announcement. Love the concept, art style and execution so far!



    Howdy folks, peeps call me Lenny.

    I found out Darkest Dungeon when I was backing Proven Lands wish sadly got cancel, I was searching for new projects and so there was Darkest Dungeon backed right away!
    I’ve got a deep love with gothic folklore and fantasy. also love the art style, I’m a fan of Mignola’s artwork myself 😉

    hope we all have a good time sharing experiences and such, good hunting!

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