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    Hei. I found DD ages ago when it was on kickstarter through a gaming site, kept a close eye on it since then and followed it into early access on Steam to see if it actually developed into something decent and wasn’t abandoned.

    Fortunately it did turn into something outstanding so I finally bought it.

    I frustrates me a lot sometimes with it’s learning curve, and I sometimes wish there was a 2 man co-op mode so people could learn the ropes easier. But ‘easy’ doesn’t exist in this games vocabulary.

    With that said, I think Redhook got the atmosphere spot on, the artwork, music and game design/concept is what keeps bringing me back every couple of months.
    I did miss a good dungeon crawling game, which is something I haven’t done since vanilla WoW, Neverwinter Nights and Dungeon Siege.

    This game is headed in the right direction in that aspect, but needs tweaking.



    Hey all!

    I’m new to the game!


    Hello. My name is Alex (or Fish) from Houston Texas.

    I found out about darkest dungeon a few weeks ago. I’ve always have enjoyed a challenge and rogue likes are some of my favorite games, so it seemed perfect. I fell in love with the game almost instantly and I have already begun to memories the narrator’s voice lines. I wish to become part of the game’s community and maybe do a little bit of role play.

    I look forward to meeting you all and discussing the game


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    Sup nerds.
    Red 5 standing by…

    Love this game



    bshock here, from good ‘ole Georgia, USA.

    Been eagerly anticipating the PS4 release all year long and only one week away from finally being able to give it a go. Huge fan of the art style and roguelikes in general. I don’t forsee being disappointed.



    Forgot to do this!
    Hey I’m khay8 also know as Kies The Only only known as Runesofpower also known as ~TopRamenDish~ Also known as Jester
    Just came here for modding help with the darkest dungeon because I beat the game like 3 months ago and was hoping to play ng+ with alot of newly added features through mods which would have been very nice if that happened officially. Still having some trouble but getting close to my dream outlook of the game.

    Have a darkest day 😀


    commander of lenny

    Hello people

    I’m the commander of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (lenny). I stumbled across this game from watching beartaffy play this game and im going to buy this on my desktop when i get the funds. What i liked about it was the fact that it was an rpg (which i freakin crave) and very dark (no pun intended) which are my favourite things

    My favourite class (from what i’ve seen) has to be the abomination.



    Hi all!

    I started to play DD only recently as I picked it up on sale on PS Store. After an hour of playtime I asked myself: why did I wait so long to buy it??

    I love the game as it reminds me of old school RPG dungeon crawler-type games like Black Crypt or Dungeon Master.

    I’m only on week 10 so there’s a long way to go but so far I’m really impressed with it 🙂

    The Twilit Lens
    The Twilit Lens

    Hi everyone! I’m a photographer and author by trade, and I’m a huge Lovecraft and Wayne June fan. So when I found out about DD and these gentlemen’s influence in it, I knew I had to play it. Now I’m hopelessly hooked. 😉 Thanks to the Red Hook team for this phenomenal project!

    "Whoever had been here before me had taken their life with them, leaving an engineered vampire of wood, tar paper, and detritus that longed to fasten itself onto a new soul and live again through another being. Memories lurked among the cobwebs: memories that were not mine, hidden from the callous observer, yet clawing at their confinement, eager to moan their tales of unknown things."
    - From "The Revenant Past"



    Hi there.
    Just started last week.
    Steam threw an add at me (and a 50% discount) and the game looked interesting enough, so I bought it. Didn’t regret a cent I spent.
    Coming from arpgs (Diablo 1, 2, (3), PoE) this is my first serious encounter with turn-based rpgs (I played a little World of Xeen on Dosbox a few years ago).
    So far I like it very much. Game seems to be difficult and punishes mistakes and doesn’t allow cheesing content by overlevelling characters. I also like the dark humour.



    Hello I am also a new member in this forum


    Hello! I’m DenTheUA, beginner modder from Ukraine!
    I’ve found about Darkest Dungeon year ago,while I was scrolling through indie games. I would really like to get into community of yours!



    Hello from Montreal! I started playing Darkest Dungeon last October during a GOG Halloween sale, I had been looking forward to playing it for a while. It took 215 weeks, but I finally restored the graveyard to its proud condition. Also I beat the game.


    Hello guys! I’m new to the forum here!
    I stumbled across DD during a PS4 sale and decided to try it out. And man oh man is it awesome!

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