Topic: New to the game, are these good party combinations?

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    After experimenting, I believe I had found 3 good parties that I want to stick with, but I’d like to know if these parties will work in higher levels.

    Main party: Hellion, Man at Arms, Vestal, Hound master (note that hellion does have iron swan)
    Please help.


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    Hi Joe!

    1. You should use different teams for different jobs.

    2. What´s the job? What is their weakness?

    3. Use their Weakness! And build a team what´s strong against only one or a few Weaknesses.

    My favorite Team at Cove/ Ruins:
    Eldritch Plague
    League of the Damned
    And NoName Team: 1. Position Hellion, 2. Vestalin, 3.+ 4. Plague Doctor. Poison is strong against Shell. PD have to blight and stun. Helli can stun, Vestalin heal or sometimes hit. Teams weakness is stress.
    League of the Damned and Eldritch Plague Strategy: Strong with poison and stun plus the hard hitter Abomination

    Weald/ Labyrinth:
    Hounds of Hell – Make blood damage as much as you can and Hellion can stun
    Marked for Death – 1. Mark 2. Hit

    Since Crimson Court:
    Bloody Banquet for Courtyard/ Weald/ Labyrinth – Theme: Bleed

    And for bosses you need at higher Levels special teams.

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