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    Hello, Is that possible to create Parry and Block effect beign independent of dodge?


    As far as I know… no.
    You might do something where boost Prot to 100% on certain case, but tricky to handle that.



    About blocking, i actually want to replace the skip turn mechanic with this, raising some protections for a turn like many other turn-based RPG because as it stand now, skip turns adds nothing to game but simmply a function designed to prevent people from pressing it(skip turns raise stress)

    And we already have parry system in a form of counterattack, only without any buff from the effect itself but from the skill it attached to.



    Admittedly, I’d much rather there be a hold turn option than a do nothing. I could see it being very useful. A good example is a bounty hunter, hold action until you have a marked target from another class. Or let your healer wait until someone has been hit, or something along those lines.

    I’m not really sure how to replace the skip turn though. I don’t actually see an entry in the info files for it, like there is for move skill.

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