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    does the critical damage equates to 1.5 x maximum base damage? is this true

    for instance,retribution lvl 4 maa skill have -75% damage debuff and he hit a crit. so the bonuses would be 1.5 – 0.75 = 0.75

    considering its lvl 5 maa with 8-16 base, so 16 x 0.75 = 12? (assuming there are no trinkets used)

    a double confirmation on whether the 1.5 x maximum base damage is legit would be appreciated.



    In the wiki it says:

    A critical hit will cause the attack to inflict 1.5 * maximum damage

    But, you are calculating wrong the % Damage, if the skill hit for 75% of the total, that percent should be applied after the critical damage increase.
    Somehthing like ((16*1.5)*0.75) = 18

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