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    I’m very much looking foreward to Darkest Dungeon, since it cropped up in at a time where I got a certain nerd itch. I have always been a big fan of the ‘deathtrap dungeon’ type adventuring (and the wicked choose your own adventure book of same name). Likewise my avatar is a pretty infamous trap from the Tome of Horrors, although its colouration might be slightly off. 😉

    I practically grew up with them!

    To many adventure and roleplaying games focus on you being awesome and killy, while I prefer much more downplayed stuff. There is something wickedly enjoyable about having your character merely being a human (that is a fidgetty unreliable bag of flesh and blood) in a world of traps and mosters. It manages to give your adventure a whole other feeling, suddenly it isn’t a matter of feeling empowered ei “I slay the dragon!” but rather you creeping around trying to keep your wits and health in a lethally dangerous environment.

    The player is put in a situation where they aren’t capable of winning in a straight up fight with lets say an ork, suddenly they have to get prowly and devious to get the ork killed, which is where ALL the fun is at. Hopefully needless to say I really enjoy traditional roguelikes like Crawl ( But the simplicity of ASCII or tiles doesn’t do a whole lot for that feeling of looming dread or danger, they mainly serve to represent distinguishable gameplay elements and their positions.

    Which is where Darkest Dungeon comes in. The artwork and shared screenshots are all so atmospheric! There is a degree of morbid curiosity to the scenery. Selfpreservation tugs at the back of your mind, and yet you push forward. That is until you reach the point of seeing something humans are not ment to see, and everything crumbles! I guess what I’m trying to say through all my words and pictures is that I am very happy to see how Darkest Dungeon has embraced the fragility of the human spirit, it wont be a power fantasy and it wont be glorious either. It’ll be a primal crawl through the mud, fueled by your simple instincts of survival, greed and curiosity.

    … Now then I’m off to see the terror and madness trailer yet again. (



    Well said! And great images.

    We have loved playing classic RPGs both on and off the computer, but the inspiration for DD was definitely that realization that being an adventurer would actually be extremely terrifying, and often horrible!

    Survival, in itself, is one of the greatest achievements a career adventurer can hope for.


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    well I’m off to dig out my deathtrap dungeon books.

    Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

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