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    Chapter One:

    Among The Dead & Suffering

    Upon a mid summers eve, in the bright light of Frances farmland, where the sun graced the grass and the sea teased the shore, where the flowing of leaves were prominent across the landscape along with the unmistakable scent of rich pollen fluttering about in the air. Wagons piled high with Merchants stock, carriages transporting the wealthy to distant cities across Frances warm body, and farmers trotting their horses to perform their daily duty upon the fertile fields that they own. The whistle of wheels, the clapping of horse’s hoofs upon the dry dirt and the sing-song chime of casual gossip of varying emotions. A pleasant day, though it wasn’t without the help of authority lining the road… especially the marching of a upcoming military force, making their way toward the Capital of their beloved country. The Queens Guard, bringing back a couple of her family members from a long voyage from England. The units consisted of crossbowmen, a small formation of musketmen, and half a dozen halberd users. The vast majority were marching in plate, with the Halberdiers at the front, Men-At-Arms securing the middle with their sword and shield, and ranged units marching in the back. An impressive, intimidating display of military force as they marched in rhythm, contained in rich, italian steel.

    One of the displinary officers called out, and obeying the will of their higher ranking fellow, the entire formation stopped in place. A loud crack of heel stomped into the dirt, along with the abrupt pause of armour rustling once they had came to a hold.

    [chapter not done]

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