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    Hi all!
    I mess with 2 problems in game.
    1. I play with russian language, but on week 41 in Action journal I meet text on Czech language. See attached file DD_rus.png
    2. Then in monastery put some heros in ‘kluatr’ (?) they say wrong words (I think it typo). They say ‘inhale.. exit…’ but may be means ‘inhale-exhale’?
    In russian it looks like ‘Вдох… выход’, but must be ‘Вдох…выдох’.

    can’t upload file, so I sent it via email. And I forgot to mention version of my game – it’s 16707



    Hound’s Rush
    The bonus vs marked in Russian is not fully written
    2. As stated before, sometimes action journal switch to another language (Czech?)

    3. Sometimes the game just end “s” to the end of the words (i think wheb it’s trying to make plural form)



    Wrong language in description of town event “Mardi Gra”.
    Russian localization is using, but description of this event on Polish language.
    Build: 18736
    Screenshot:Wrong language in description

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