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    I was tinkering with the GR Class until i got something weird: There’s a limit of words/window size(i suppose) that makes it not show all the effects it there is too many.

    There’s some way to expand this? The effects work anyway since it’s properly coded(already tested)

    I searched for similar topics but i found none similar.

    If someone know how to change/fix this,i would very much appreciate the help. 🙂

    P.s: sorry for bad english,not native speaker :/

    P.S 2: Tested the ui enhancement and didn’t work

    P.s 3: Uploading the 2 Imgs. for comparison

    In First Image gave it 5 effects: Unholy killer,clear corpses,Self debuff(-10 dodge),BleedDot and prot chance debuff(just as shown in picture)

    In the second Img. i added 3 extra effects: Knockback 1,blight dot and Stun killer. And then this happened


    The tooltip for skills is limited to the provided info for 5 effects. This is why modders do not add more than 5 effects per skill.

    It might be possible to add an overrides folder to show more – but I believe that only adds unknown info to the game to show in the description. But I have not tested it.

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    There is something you can try to do. In the file, you can add this to the end of your skills.
    combat_skill: .id "tenebrous_precognition" .icon "six" .anim "attack_buff" .fx "adrenaline_rush" .condensed_tooltip_stats true .condensed_tooltip_effects true

    In game the “.condensed_tooltip_stats true .condensed_tooltip_effects true” will make the effects show up on a single line like this:
    +14 Dodge / +7 ACC / +6% Crit / -55% DMG while Riposte / Activates Riposte / -20% Stun Resist

    In this case, it fully displayed 7 effects.

    Another skill I made, only displays 5, but it also takes up ~80% of the screen width and is probably hitting the width cap of the tool tip. The effects in that skill being things like +30% healing received at death’s door, +5% crit when stress above 50, +DMG vs. bleeding, things like that. Very long effect strings.

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