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    Hi folks,

    I’m new to this forum but have nearly 400 hours in-game on Steam. You may think I should know these things but I find info difficult to find, thus these questions:

    1) The Crimson Court trinkets: All I’ve found so far have traditional effects followed by greyed out effects that appear after a quote. These additional effects do not seem to be applied suggesting some other criteria must be met for them. I did find some info that relayed that these trinkets are used in sets. If this is the case does that unlock these extra effects? I’ve only come across five or so but none seem to match.

    2) Light dependent quirks and trinkets: As the Courtyard does not use traditional torchlight, are they unapplied there?

    3) Journal pages: Is this all just flavor text or is there another purpose? I’ve been operating under the assumption they are only for flavor but have also used them to add a tiny bit more difficulty. When I come across them I force myself to take them home thus have to leave behind some useful loot.

    TYIA for any help you can give.

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