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    Defeating the Heart of Darkness will not prevent you from failing your campaign; your save file will be deleted as soon as you hit 87 weeks or 13 casualties.

    this is a text i quote from the wiki page.Can someone explain on the “your save will be deleted as soon as you hit 87 weeks”, isn’t defeating heart of darkness will trigger cinematic end to the game? is there any other goals that need to be accomplished in the game? i thought caretaker goals are for steam achievements only. i have not finished the game and want to experience firsthand on stygian mode.


    Beating the Heart of Darkness is “winning” the game. You can keep playing though even after you win. However, in Stygian mode you will then “fail” when you reach week 87 or lose 13 heroes.

    Note: This doesn’t mean anything. You still won. You actually can just stop playing the game when you beat the Heart of Darkness and never “lose” due to hitting 87 weeks.

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