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    Hello Red Hook Studios,

    first of all thank you for releasing this game for PS4 and PSVita with Crosssave! A real blessing!

    I noticed something in the german translation. If you look at my Screenshot you see the Graveyard and that Dismas died (already). The little box says that he died against this monster: %monstername%

    It would read better and more convenient if it would directly name the Enemy name.
    Feels more like a think that would stand on a grave. For example it would look like this:

    (Lehrling) Wegelagerer, starb im Kampf gegen dieses Monster: Knochensoldat
    (Lehrling) Wegelagerer, starb im Kampf gegen einen Knochensoldat

    It’s really minor but I would be very happy if this could be changed.

    Greetings and thank you!

    EDIT: Picture upload failed, here is a imgur link.

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