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    Leoman coughed, a globule of blood from deep in the back of his throat hitting the ground as he sat up, his hands shakily squeezing his thighs.

    He was in immense pain.

    The burning hissed it’s way down his throat and into his stomach, sizzling as he breathed ragged.
    “I owe you everything, Warden. Please, just don’t let them kill me. I’ve worked hard to keep myself alive. Promise me I won’t die to the scalpel.”

    I’m out of my head
    Of my heart and my mind
    'Cause you can run but you can’t hide
    I’m gonna make you mine

    DDRP Cool Dudes
    DDRP Cool Dudes

    Hi everyone! We’re moving!

    We’ve talked about it a lot on the Discord chat, and the development of a secondary forum for RP has been something in the works for a while. It’s here now, though!

    See the new thread about it for more details.



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