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    I just lost two fully geared max level parties in a row to the Viscount boss fight. As much as I want to rage about his insane action count and speed, I know that inevitably, the answer is just going to be “get good.” I’m willing to accept that I just had poor strategy…but this still really freaking hurts.
    340 hours into this game, been here since early early beta, and I’ve never been so thoroughly stomped by one boss. I’ve obviously taken some horrible losses before – this isn’t the first time I’ve had a party wiped. I was even willing to accept the first wipe as me being overly hasty, but when I came fully prepared JUST for the boss with my next group and got destroyed, I didn’t feel like I’d been outwitted. I felt like I’d been cheated. It’s not like this has been the only time I felt the need to take a break. Gradually the champion level dungeons have been getting harder and harder, and now it seems like losing heroes is completely inevitable, and I can’t accept that.
    Enough is enough. I love this game, but I guess I just suck and learned nothing from all that time spent. I’d be better off saving myself the frustration and playing something that actually makes me happy.
    I suppose that’s enough complaining. Thank you for making this wonderful but depressing game, and thanks for the entertainment value.



    The game, for me, has gotten boring and nasty. Its so punitive and random and shallow that the grind for money and items is also painful. I think the only good reviews come from radiant mode players. I killed a necromancer, just to have the necromancer minions triple crit and bleed out 3 out of my 4 characters, so to replace that money lost, Ill have to play another 3 or 4 boring missions with the same repetitive monsters and their over powered crits, or multple action spam. I changed all my reviews of the game and dlc to massively negative. Can you believe they released the Fanatic at an even harder level than he is now? And the curse events where you lose control of your character are just too much.

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