Topic: Translate Problem about Narrator's subtitles

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    Hello devs.
    I am a translator currently work on the But I get problems below, about Narrator’s subtitles.

    1.Is each subtitle’s performance, which let one section appear after other section in game, judged by text end up with ‘\n’?
    Or is it just auto-judged by string length in program so we can just ignore it?
    2.Is the performing time of these sections relating to the current audio-file-playing time?

    For example:
    Pace out the halls of your lineage,(‘\n’)
    once familar, now foreign.

    Pace out the halls of your lineage, once familar, now foreign.

    Does this mean the SUBTITLE1 will appear two sentences, both of which take up time of 1/2 audio-file-playing;
    and SUBTITLE2 will show only one sentence, takes up time of the whole audio-file-playing?

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