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    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been thinking about two different kind of characters for a while now, and I thought I would share them. Not because they’re particularly good on their own right, but because of some new mechanics or ideas I deem interesting.

    The first character would be either The Cossack or The Prince, a fencer with a saber. First ranks actions, great accuracy, high damage output and health, medium speed and dodge, low protection (no armor) and no chance of blight, bleed, stun or debuff, just pure physical skills. Both similar in appearance and clothes to Olgierd von Everec, from the Witcher 3 game, though the middle-eastern prince can’t be redheaded (curiously enough). This kind of hero is something like a hellion, less versatile rank-wise in spite of his ability to run through ranks while attacking but more of a slugger, with more health. I initially wanted this kind of character to be a samurai or ronin, but I couldn’t figure out anything much different tan the mod that already exists (the Ronin). Of course, any of them would be anything but religious.

    I’m not so sure about the cossack’s origins, maybe he was the only survivor to a battle in an Eastern war, similar to the Man-at-arms backstory. In the case of the Prince, he was admired by its people and kin, until he returns home one day and finds the palace burning along with his whole family.

    Basic attack would be the same for both: standard damage, but activates riposte.

    Another attack could be, for both, a lunge, moving forward 1 rank and with high crit chance. Similar to the holy lance, but only from ranks 3 or 4 against ranks 1 or 2.

    I’ve also thought of an ability that triggers every allie’s active riposte to attack a random target, which also activates the character’s own riposte if every attack has been successful.

    The Cossack should have a couple attacks related to its origin and folklore. One of them should allow him to jump (cossack style) to the head or rear of the formation, at the expense of some damage debuff but with a buff to his speed or Dodge (or both). Another option could be to have one ability take him to the front and buff his speed, and have the other one take him to the back and buff his Dodge. From the back, he would be able to use another ability, like something to buff his companions.

    In the case of the Prince, he would be quite individual, so he shouldn’t have any abilities to help his comrades in battle, apart from healing their stress whenever he kills a target and/or having a much more effective stress heal with each critical attack, for all the party. This trigger should be activated with some ability like “Noble example” or something along those lines. I think it would also be cool to stablish some kind of relation between him and the lepper, since both of them are nobles and, to top it off, the lepper is also a king.

    In battle, they should be just killing machines, very useful to deal damage but not so much at taking it for a long time nor helping their companions. At the camp, however, the cossack should have some ability like “Revel”, maybe just the same, while the prince should have things that make the others look up to him, for example something like telling stories or legends, that helps them heal a lot of stress while the chances to surprise the enemy lower and the chances to be ambushed rise (they get absorbed by the story). While their battle core is just pure damage, every single camp ability should be double-edged.

    Actually, the only difference between them is their backstory, and the skins for the characters. But I really like this two kinds of background, like an eastern fencer or a middle-eastern noble/prince, so it would be interesting to have at least one of them. Their weapon, as stated, is a saber, but they wear no armor, so instead they would upgrade their clothes at the blacksmith to improve their health and defensive attributes (mainly stun and bleed resistance). Their trinkets would be most likely things to maintain their weapon, like oils, whetstones and such. Fort he cossack, there should also be things like beer mugs/kegs, smoking pipes and rings. Fort he Prince, the smoking pipes should be ok, but there should be things like family mementos or stuff like that. While the cossack tries to forget about his fallen comrades, the Prince treasures his family memories. Given their confidence in their astounding abilities, they should suffer from stress whenever they miss an attack many times in a row or when they fail to riposte against a succesful enemy attack. They have no ranged attacks, only some abilities, like the one that triggers their companions’ riposte (only rank 4) and maybe one that marks them as a target while also activating riposte (only rank 1).

    I also thought about another kind of character, a very different one. I’ve always seen the stress as a bother, because that’s what it’s meant to be, though I recently gave it a thought and realised it could be fun to play with the many options it presents.

    This character, as of now, is called simply “The fallen angel”. Basically, it would be a divine body with a human mind. Its human version has four/five different attacks, not sure what kind at the moment, but they’re all melee ones except for one. One of the attacks should be permanent, since it heals its stress, much like the abomination one. You’ll see why in a moment.

    Because of it’s divine nature, he can’t die. This opens up many different possibilities. For example, once its (high) health depletes, he won’t die. Instead, he would be taken away from your party, just to wait for you back at the hamlet. This increases your actual party’s stress by a huge amount. But this where it starts getting interesting.

    The core of this hero is stress. Because of his duality, he will suffer much more stress tan the other clases. However, once the bar is filled, not only will he succumb to either affliction or virtue, but he will also change accordingly. In both cases, he will change shape to either a demon or an angel, replacing the stress healing ability by one exclusive to that form, while also improving damage and combat attributes. He can only change due to stress taking, keep that in mind. Also, the rest of his attacks will have a special improvement depending on whether he is in demon or angel form. Bu the interesting part of this is that he can’t die, so once his stress bar rises again, he won’t die nor have a heart attack. He will simply change form again. Obviously, changing into angel form will heal stress from the party, with a buff and possibly health recover if they’re religious. On the other hand, if he changes into a demon, the party will still suffer stress damage, and religious heroes will see that damage boosted and maybe lose a bit of health. Whenever heroes move back and forth around him, they will suffer stress damage or healing depending on his form, as well as the ones standing next to him in battle.

    Both ideas are yet to be polished, but I think they would be fun to have some of these ideas in upcoming dlc’s or mods.

    Should anyone want to work with this, just ask me. Also, I’d be happy to help you make this real in any way I can, just remember that I’m no coder nor artist (sadly). One last piece of information: I’m from Spain, for those of you who’d prefer to speak in spanish.

    P.D.: I was certainly inspired by the Shieldbreaker art, and thought that maybe she could hace some kind of relation with either the prince or the cossack. Seeing that she is missing a hand, maybe they could have been together or something like that and each of them lost the hand they were using to hold the other’s. As you can see, I really like the idea of characters having buffs or debuffs because of the interactions between them, very much like what happens to the abomination not being able to share party with some people, or some camp buffs aplying only to religious people, for example. I also think the occultist may have something in common with these eastern characters (he receives no love at all, the poor guy…). Also, I think BOTH or at least ONE of them should only be attainable through an event.

    Thanks for your time!

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