Topic: When to enter the courtyard?

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    Greetings Dungeon Nation, I hope today finds you well and chock full of medicinal herbs.

    Here’s my thing. When should I even TRY to enter the Courtyard? The first time, I waited too damn long: most of my char were Level 4-5 (my thinking was I would just level way way up and crush the thing). It was my first run through and I didn’t fully understand ramifications of the BLOOD element – no research done, I just plowed into the DLC so I didn’t really “get it.” That map is also MASSIVE. Now (week 77) most of my char are infected, the Courtyard was brutal, and I don’t have anywhere near enough blood to support all my infected char.

    So I started over….

    I’m on week 33, most of my char are L3 and I have not tried to enter the Courtyard. I have had ZERO interactions with any of those dweebs that pass along the blood and have $175K in the bank. Honestly, life is freakin’ great right now. Should I give Courtyard a shot now? I haven’t played enough with this Crimson Court DLC to really know. I’m concerned if I don’t try it now, my char will level up too high and they won’t go into a L1 Courtyard dungeon. Thoughts? I wasted way too many freakin’ hours on this game and would not want to have to start over…. again.



    You know you can leave and start right at the same point, right? Well, except for the first mission and the blood gathering short quests.



    Hey there, thanks for the reply! Yep, I know. Admittedly, I posted this when I was super frustrated. I restarted my older game (week 77) and killed the Baron. The first egg I opened was the Baron. After he went into hiding again, I attacked an egg and got the Baron again. Didn’t even mess with the other eggs. Lost a HM and another char but it was worth it. Sold a few trinkets and now I have cash in that older game. I do like DD but man, it is the most frustrating game I’ve played in ages. Addicting but frustrating. Like dating. Or other things.

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