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    I would love to see this embedded into the game too. Maybe as add-on quests for each hero type and each bit they complete, another cinematic is unlocked. Similar to the bosses. Perhaps a future extension…

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    Well, I have to say, I feel a little dissapointed in this update.
    The creators of the game keep promising a difficult game, but I see no real difficulty increase. Look what I would change:
    1. Having the occultist work with the vestale and the crusader with the grave robber is just absurd. I believe that characters would work only with someone similar in morality and thinking. Can we reduce all possible team compositions to only 5?

    2. Despite being able to only take a limited ammount of items really doesn’t increase difficulty that much. I propose to make only 1 item type available on easy quest, 2 on medium and 3 on long and being able to only carry 1 of each.

    3. There isn’t enough stress increase. When a character reaches Death’s door, all characters should get +50% stress increase. If all 4 characters go insane, than I should lose the game forever and restart from 0, as it is obvious that I don’t understand the game and therefore I need to play easy quests some more.

    4. Fishmen only have a huge damage and a tremendous critical chance. Can we increase protection to 80% too? There’s still a small chance for a player to be able to survive 2 groups of them, even 3, practically making the player able to sometimes reach the boss on champion level.

    5. Where is the game that I loved and payd for it? I thought new and new things were going to be added to it, like characters, monsters and areas, not that the whole mechanism of the game would be essentially changed in order to satisfy metagamers that have no job, no school and no other activities but to play continuously. If the game were like this when I bought it, I woudn’t have had.

    I love this comment 😀 Made me actually laugh out loud.

    I feel a lot of your frustration. I think one of the great fun parts about the game is the ability to mix and match different party combinations. It seems somewhat ironical and hypocritical a crusader or vestal can’t stomach working with an abomination. But I suppose our crusader and vestal have justified reasons for breaking into monster homes, murdering their babies, digging up graves, looting and pillaging. Even more ironical a leper would ever lack the empathy to work with an abomination given the years of being an outcast himself. It’s a nice idea but I would make it a quirk based trait rather a class based trait.

    I do still feel a minor nerf would make some areas a bit more enjoyable adn still challenging without being hair-pulling “goddamit do I really have no choice but go into the warrens again?” kind of frustrating. One way or another, I would suggest definitely dialling down the frequency that those wretched warrens swine in particular give diseases. Having to spend 2 turns clearing champion heroes of 5 different diseases in the Sanitarium seems a tad ridiculous. And I’m talking every hero with Evasion, Double Dodge trinkets, a helian with skills to hit every rank who went for the swine at the earliest opportunity and most swine were killed within 1-2 turns. I’d suggest either dialing down the frequency of 4 swine wretch parties, increasing base hero disease resistance (even 10-20%) and/or give heroes even a relatively modest disease resistance increase that scales with level. Disease resistance might scale be 4-5% per level, not 10% per level like bleed/blight etc. Even in a champion dungeon, a competent party with evasion and double dodge trinkets that wisely targets the swine/crawlers/jellyfish/disease enemies first might cop 2-3 diseases , but 4-5 diseases from a Champion dungeon seems a bit extreme, particularly when coupled with the loss of ability to purge disease from certain neg removing curios. Another option is add or modify a certain type of curio to give it the option to purge disease (with the right item). Could be introduced into the Warrens , even if it exists nowhere else. Sadly, the disease resistance trinkets are in need of improvement to make them a worthwhile slot consideration.

    I do agree accuracy on many monsters could probably benefit from a small nerf. Even just a tiny nerf in champion dungeons of 5% accuracy on monsters could be just right. The brutal accuracy of monsters makes it pretty much a non-option to take anything other than double dodge trinkets on most heroes and you’ll still probably get hit every 2nd round.

    Sadly, this makes the entertainment of 90% of cute and interesting trinkets in the game a no go for champion runs. Almost nothing will equal the benefit of any trinket that gives an extra 10-15 dodge on a hero. Same reason why Evasion is my #1 trait on all heroes, followed now by either natural swing or eye (you need it in champ dungs) and I’ll always grab photomania. The only exception is if you are planning to use a houndmaster or MAA to guard a hero armed with damage trinkets. Even before the patch I still was building up the courage to attempt a champion boss fight. But now… even with a super safe boring party, not even going to think about taking on a champion boss unless I can find a way to make it to boss with 90-100% health and very low stress.

    Speaking of bosses. The Collector. Great idea but… seems overpowered with his frequency and volume of spawning his… collection. Especially given his spwans never seemed to never miss even on heroes with 50 dodge (including trinkets). After killing about 10 of his creatures, my leper, crusader, vestal and occultist had to retreat because they had 60+ stress and about 20% health apiece. Even focussing on minions, I very rarely got a chance to to get close enough to the mongrel to hit him and the vestal was too busy spamming heal due to extremely high damage and pretty much 100% accuracy of the minions. Let’s just say the next time I see the collector without a nerf, I’ll flee and see if I can find a detour around him otherwise bailing the mission because he’s like a boss at the moment. Suggestion: summons need accuracy and damage nerfed to some degree and/or Collector summons less minions , maybe 3 instead of 4 and/or tweak down his health pool a bit so the one or two heroes that CAN reach him and are not too busy sewing their own hands and feet back on have a chance to whittle him down before they get turned into pin cushions. The new madman is a bloody nuisance and definitely a high kill priority enemy but I think he’s balanced about right. If the Collector however can pop up at any time as opposed to a summoning shine like the shambler, then he should probably be balanced accordingly to be a similar threat to a a ghoul, corpse eater or swinetaur equivalent. The other monsters in the dungeon are plenty challenging enough with the combat stalling and enemy debuff mods now in my opinion without adding an “oh **** you gotta be kidding me” level of challenge. 😉

    I agree the game was also challenging enough without a death’s door debuff, although I CAN understand why it was added, both for realism and for balancing. Easier to explain if you’ve watched a few youtube videos of innovative players exploiting the fact health bar really doesn’t matter as long as you can get in a heal in time to keep heroes off death’s door. Still, I think having it endure an entire quest seems a bit harsh. Perhaps if it only lasted until camp would be a better compromise. Also, to balance some of the “until camp” debuffs that now have been introduced, I would additionally suggest a campfire provision item as a random loot drop. It might be fairly rare drop that you might expect to get one on average about 50% of the time in a long dungeon, 35% of the time in a medium and maybe 20% of the time in a short. That’s just one idea anyhow!

    Final idea about ancestral trinkets. Most are nice on paper but sadly, very few (arguably just the ancestral cloak) are ever worth a slot because certainly in champion dungeons at least, with present monster accuracy it had better be a pretty impressive item to forsake the additional 10-15 dodge in even 1 single slot because with present 102% (I think it is) champion base monster accuracy it’s a bit risky going without unless you have a HM or MAA guarding another hero most of the time. The very rare trinkets for PD, OC, HWM, rare trinkets for HM and GR or sun ring for leper are about the only other items I can justify , otherwise it’s ancestor’s cloak, and sun and camoflage cloaks on every other hero.

    A) give all ancestral trinkets (excluding cloak) an additional modest perk across the board, eg +5 dodge on top of its signature perk. This would make them a worthwhile consideration for a party slot without being so powerful that they are always a no-brainer which would be equally boring.

    B) Make ancestral trinkets no longer equippable in hero slots, but every week, there is a small chance (say, 10%) that each ancestral item in your trinket inventory will “favour” a single hero, chosen at random in your roster. So you could occasionally get lucky and have several ancestral buffs that week triggering, or you could get unlucky and have no benefits triggered. These buffs would stack with any regular (non-ancestral) trinkets they carry into a dungeon. This would certainly make the ancestral trinkets more enjoyable and add another fun random element to spice things up each week and might lead to some interesting choices. At the same time, it will soften things up a bit here and there.

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    Thanks for your feedback. It wasn’t our intention for this update to increase L1 dungeon difficulty. Many of the changes were aimed at L3 and L5, but it seems that it bleed over in L1. We are watching it carefully from our side and will make changes once we identify problem areas that seem to be affecting L1. So posts like yours and many others help give us a good direction of where to look in the data to see it corroborate. I also like that you are looking for change elsewhere to help ease some of the new implementations. Thats something we love seeing as it helps give design love to all areas of the game and brings a better cohesion to it all. Camping is an area that we plan on doing some work to, so again thanks!

    We are watching all the feedback and our data closely this week and will continue to hotfix as it makes sense. So I just want to thank everyone for keeping it even-tempered as you help us make our game the best it can be.


    Thanks John! Looking forward to giving the new hotfix a try. It’s awesome to know that RedHook is involved and interested in our feedback. I definitely share your intention of making an already great game even better. I would love to see some of the rarer trinkets also improved but I’ll check other thread postings first and post in a more appropriate place.

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    Experienced player / first time poster. Many good ideas in latest patch update. In short, the main I noticed was way too much stress. I think the stress needs some balancing.

    Yes, I can see why healing with 1 remaining monster was cheesy and unrealistic. I tested taking 4 level 0 heroes into a medium cove dungeon with top grade dodge trinkets (double trinket sun/camo dodge cloaks /high dodge trinkets on everybody) My cruasader was spamming inspiring cry pretty much every turn just to keep everyone sane and even then to the point of hitting death’s door due to not attacking monsters and healing himself enough, he couldn’t keep up with stress recovery. Now imagine a new early game with NO TRINKETS, no good camping skills, no money or upgrades to train skills or blacksmith. Frankly I’m not sure how the hell they’re going to grind unless you systematically bail them at a safe point when they have too little health and stress to comfortably win the next battle.

    constructive suggestions:

    By all means, I enjoy realism and punishing heroes for dragging out combat with one weak monster is a great idea. Let them bring in reinforcements, let characters gripe about the risk and take extra stress as a result if want a more realistic approach.

    What is in order IMHO is a balance for the lack of opportunity to heal wounds and recover stress at end of combat (which may not be sexy or realistic and sometimes even tedious but I’m sorry to say, was sometimes a necessary evil to go the distance especially in long champion dungeons with tough battles with monsters critting fairly regularly even with full torch and double defensive cloaks/trinkets on most heroes – you stress heal with one hero and health heal with another)

    I suggest any of the following tweaks and others may think of better ideas.

    A) increase the stress heals from skills and curios and give more diverse heroes a stress healing skill so we don’t get so severely punished for not including both a crusader AND a jester in every single dungeon run , let alone apprentice level runs.

    B) consuming food on the fly could heal stress as well as damage. Alternatively, introduce a
    new provision item that exclusively reduces stress or buffs stress resistance that can be used during battle, similar to a bandage or antivenom.

    C) nerf stress gains down from monster crits and stress attacks in apprentice level dungeons especially or otherwise give at least a player a slightly more rewarding experience in the early game when they have minimal trinkets, cash and training a to grind their way into the mid-game. Glad to see at least the enchantress won’t crit anymore with her stress attack.

    C) increase stress heals from crits , even just a small increase.

    D) With only 12 points to use camping skills, using campfire to stress heal is at present mutually exclusive with buffing heroes which is pretty much essential for a champion dungeon or boss fight. Could increase this to limit to 18 or 24 points to allow a chance to recover at least a bit more stress as well.

    PS: I haven’t had the stomach to try abomination class yet because with this patch , it seems like he’s only going to make stress worse, not better.

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